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Spine Conditions

Spinal conditions can be painful, debilitating, and affect every facet of your life, which can make diagnosis an especially troubling and stressful experience. However, the professionals at Hudson Valley Pain and Spine (HVPS) are here to help guide you through your spinal condition and provide solutions to make a positive impact on your quality of life….Read More

Neuropathic Conditions

Neuropathic conditions or nerve conditions are complex and often result in you feeling a continual state of pain. This continuous pain is the result of nerves within your central nervous system becoming damaged or injured. Once damaged, these nerves are often unable to send proper signals to your brain, which commonly results in a lack of feeling or a numbing sensation…Read More

Orthopedic Conditions

The pain originating from orthopedic conditions — such as arthritis and bursitis — can be debilitating and affect your overall quality of life. Primarily affecting your musculoskeletal system including your joints or bones, orthopedic conditions can make even the most mundane activities a chore. We can help…Read More